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Monique Macfarlane recently completed a MA in Photography and the Book from the University of Plymouth, England in 2013. Previously Macfarlane had studied at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand, gaining a Bachelor of Design majoring in Photography with First Class Honors and is a Massey Scholar.

Macfarlane has a strong lifetime interest in the concept of time, and whilst in her second year of university at the age of 20, the correlations between time and photography became apparent in the theoretical sense, thus fueling her desire even more to represent and record her immediate surroundings.

Essentially, photography slices time, removes a singular moment and elevates its status to a place in the future in a physical form. It is from this that her fascination of the notion of the ‘moment’ has developed from. Simple everyday situations are often depicted in Macfarlane’s work with representations truthful, pure and uncomplicated. The very act of choosing that particular important, or seemingly unimportant ‘moment’ is what holds the allure for Macfarlane.

Snapshots are the preferred method of capture for Macfarlane, as fundamentally they have a complete lack of considered manipulation, as it is a ‘pure representation’ of that particular slice of time. Subsequently, due to the method of working and the associations with this particular style, the imagery is largely void of questioning of the another essential photography concept – the truth.

Macfarlane also has a strong interest in travel, and dreams of road tripping through America in a classic car with her cameras, good friends, and attempting to re-represent her iconic forefathers in photographing the Great American Road Trip.


Solo Exhibitions

Moments: the density of Replication
DAF106 Gallery, October, Wellington, New Zealand


Group Exhibitions

Peninsular Arts, December, Plymouth, England

30p Film
Scott Building, January, Plymouth, England

ALT: Contemporary Photographers Explore Alternative Processes.
Photospace, August, Wellington, New Zealand

ALT: Contemporary Photographers Explore Alternative Processes.
Engine Room, 15-25th July, Wellington, New Zealand

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