An afternoon in Shanghai.

Got up early and flew two hours to Shanghai this morning from Xi’an. Almost didn’t make it to the airport, as usual the driving here is horrendous. Never quite sure if you are going to make it! We were excited to jump on the Maglev into the city when we arrived, as it cranks speeds of around the 450km mark into the city using magnetic levitation. Sadly, we sat around the 300 mark and made it into the city in seven minutes from the airport.

Dropped out bags and set off in search of Nan Xiang Dumping House in the old town.

Found it! After a little bit of searching. Dad had been here before and they have been reviewed the best many times over from multiple sources. You can either get them from the little window at the bottom next to where they make them, the queue usually stretches a good 60 deep any time of day. Alternatively you can go upstairs to the multiple different levels and eat in for a premium.

Took a stroll down Nanjing Road, the main shopping street in Shanghai. Such a contrast between the main street, and all the little streets that run off it.

Continued our walking path today onto the Bund (waterfront area). Dad can’t believe what amazing days we have had in regards to smog… Beijing was perfect the day we went to the wall, and Shanghai is the best he has ever seen it in all the times he has been here. Go my super powers!

Before jumping in the weird Bund Sightseeing Tunnel to cross under the river…

Walking around the Oriental Pearl Tower area…

Walking, walking, walking and eating, eating, eating was the theme of the afternoon. Found a little corner to park up for awhile and watch the world go by… deliciously accompanied by a cocktail consisting of lemon sorbet, mandarin vodka, fresh mint and proscecco. AMAZING! Used the restaurants wifi too to find whats nearby for dinner and had the most incredible toilet experience the whole entire time we have been in China (think super clean – cleaned with cleaning products, scented oils burning, amazing hand soap, towels). Almost didn’t want to leave, but dinner was calling. We went to ‘Sweet Memory’ (yes, restaurant names are still weird here in China!) which had an incredible view of the Bund all lit up…

Had beer, huge plate of some of the best prawns we had eaten, chilli beef with morning glory and Chinese broccoli, watermelon, rice… all for the mere sum of $30. I could get used to eating like this. Easily. Such amazing people watching in this restaurant too. Insane how many times they would turn over the tables in a night and insane too just how much the Chinese order and actually eat too. Far out.

Strolled back down to the water front…

Before calling it a day. Thanks for the amazingness Shanghai, had such a good afternoon!

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