Shanghai – Mount Maunganui.

Last leg of the journey today, flying Shanghai to Auckland and then driving back to the Mount. Actually caught a glimpse of this beauty yesterday when we flew into Shanghai and made my heart leap… such a slice of home, all that familiarity…

Dad and I boarded the plane almost last as usual… but upon locating our seats… someone was in mine?! I asked him to move as he had the wrong seat, yet when he pulled out his boarding pass he had exactly the same seat number! I had never seen that before on a plane. Bit of a kerfuffle getting it sorted with my fingers crossed too as I could not see a spare seat in sight, completely full plane. Luckily they sorted it and Dad and I were together for the 11.5 hour direct flight back to Auckland.

My favorite part of long haul flying? Snacks down the back at sleep time. I love the randomness of what which airlines provide… and the fact that not everyone knows this little secret. Dad went down the back, and came back with… A COOKIE TIME COOKIE. Got a little too excited, but there was that familiarity again! Boy was it delicious.

Landing in Auckland just couldn’t stop smiling. Actually started on the plane hearing the accents of the flight attendants… Amazing. I forgot how awesome we sound and just all the words we use!

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