Maketu Rotary Club.

Tonight was my first presentation upon returning home. Yes I may have been nuts to schedule it only three days after I flew in… but I had stories to tell. I had people to see! The club meets Wednesday night at the Maketu Surf Club and I reckon they have the best view of any club in the world. The overlook the surf beach that stretches right down to Mount Maunganui. Unfortunately you can’t see all this deliciousness as the blinds are pulled due to the deliciously intense evening sunshine (yeah, we totally get sunshine in our evenings here… loving it!!!)

Wonderful evening, all my stories were well received. Perfect timing too as it is Foundation month within Rotary and it is a portion of the funds raised by the district for the Foundation which allowed me to live out my dream of studying my Masters abroad. Thanks Rotary for all the amazingness so far… and for all that is yet to come!

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