In no particular order – I love travel and I love photography.  From a young age, thankful to my parents, I have always traveled. From glorious summer camping to crossing oceans and everything in between. That really just started a seed inside of me that will forever grow as I nourish it with my whims and desires to go to far parts of the globe, and sometimes just simply to the next town over. When I was sixteen, I discovered photography. The simple joy of taking a moment out of its continuum and forever cherishing it had such a pull on me. A way to record, to remember, to re-live. Four years of studying photography in Wellington allowed me to begin to understand photography in not just a technological sense, but also created the desire to understand the theoretical, to play with the ideals of photography and question them within their own medium. Simple snapshots have also always had a pull on me – and many of my admired photographers capture people, places, objects and what I find most intriguing, the small details that are often overlooked. These small details often have a quiet tendency about them, by the fact that the simple seemingly unimportant moment has been created into a slice of time to be viewed in a future tense. In pure 1970s colour, The great American road trip was often a backdrop for these moments, fueling my desire to continue their adventures. And now… I’m just living the dream.

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